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A Little Picasso in the Making, Hooping Her Way to Fun and Fitness!

🪙🎨 Meet Twishaa Makker, a young artist and dancer whose love for hula hooping adds a twist to her creative journey! 🎨🪙💃

**🎨 Artistic Endeavors and Dancing Dreams 🎨**

At just 6 years old, Twishaa has already discovered her passion for drawing, coloring, and dancing. Her favorite subject, math, showcases her diverse interests. 🖍️🩰➕

**🪙 Discovering the Joy of Hooping 🪙**

Twishaa’s journey into the world of hula hooping began at a tender age when her family gifted her a hoop at 3 years old. She wasted no time and started exploring this exciting activity all on her own. 🎁🪙

**🌟 An Artistic Twist to Fitness 🌟**

Twishaa’s experience with hula hooping has been a delightful one. She found it to be a fun and creative way to stay active and fit. The vibrant colors of her hula hoop mirror the vibrant strokes of her artwork. 🌈🪙💪

**🪙 Hooping for Fun and Fitness 🪙**

For Twishaa, hula hooping isn’t just a hobby; it’s a fantastic exercise too! She enjoys the rhythm of spinning the hoop and keeping herself healthy. Fun and fitness, all in one spin! 🪙🌟💃

**🌞 Follow-Up Questions 🌞**

Twishaa’s artistic and hooping journey is just beginning! To learn more about her experiences and her family’s perspective, stay tuned for follow-up questions that will uncover even more about this talented youngster’s exciting adventures. 🎨🪙🎉

Join Twishaa Makker’s creative journey at [Hoopstar Academy](https://hoopstar.academy/). For more delightful stories, connect with us on [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/hoopstar.academy/)! 🪙🎨💃 #HoopstarAcademy #ArtisticHoopingFun

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    त्विषा आप तो कमाल हैं, आप के बारे में जान कर बहुत प्रसन्नता हो रही है,

    ईश्वर आपको हर क्षेत्र में कामयाबी दें और आप हमेशा स्वस्थ, प्रसन्न और मुस्कराती रहें, यही कामना है,

    विनय बजाज

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